RecEx Interview Q and A

What is a Recognized Expert?

When people go looking for a product or service, they’re often confronted with lists of people or companies that may or may not provide the solutions they’re looking for. They’re then faced with somehow deciding which of these providers is the correct choice. What do many people do? They ask their friends and family for recommendations. Most of the time, the mere recommendation is the only research we do to find a solution provider.

So how does a business person get to be the solution provider being recommended? By having the qualifications – the experience, certifications and testimonials – that set them apart from the competition. They can publicly prove their expertise in a number of ways. People see these proof materials, and recognize them for the experts that they are. They are granted Recognized Expert Status by the public.

How does building that status help a business person?

In running a business, we spend a lot of our resources – time, money and materials – drumming up new business. We go looking for a pool of prospects, spend time qualifying them, and then try to convince them to do business with us. RecEx Status helps to turn this process on it’s head. When your expertise goes out before you, and you have an entire staff of what are essentially unpaid salespeople promoting you, your products or your services, you can shift those extra resources to developing a higher quality solution for your clients. This is the start of an upward spiral. The better of a solution you provide, the more people will recommend you.

What is a position, and why is it important?

Let’s take fast food as an example. You’re driving, you’re hungry, and there are a ton of options. Do you want to drive through some place? Pull up and be waited on? Get out of your car and go in? A given fast food restaurant can set themselves apart with the way they service drivers. Does a place specialize in burgers, or maybe chicken? That’s another way they can move away from the competition.

Think about strictly burger joints. There’s the place with flame broiled patties, the place with square patties, the place with the free toppings bar, the place with the clown. Each of these is a differentiation, a position in the mind of the pool of consumers.

You want to have a set of perceived qualities that sets you apart from any competition in the minds of your clients and prospects. You want to build a position that says, “When you come to us for a solution, this is what you can expect.”

What are Expert Proof Materials?

EPM are the products you create that establish your expertise in a given subject. Say you clean rugs for a living. Your EPM might include a booklet you’ve written on the value of properly maintaining high-end rugs and carpets, along with certification in proper cleaning techniques by the manufacturer of high-end carpets. It might also include blog posts on your web site, along with video testimonials from satisfied customers.

In short, it’s anything you can produce that demonstrates your qualifications to be called an expert on a given topic.

Why is Public Relations important?

You can be the world’s most qualified person at something, but if no one knows about it, then are you really an expert? The field of Public Relations helps you establish a dialog with your clients, prospective clients and the public in general. This is different from advertising! An advertisement says, “I am this, we can do X for you.” We all know that anyone can buy an ad, and you can claim almost anything in an ad. But news stories about one of your accomplishments, or a op-ed where you put forth an opinion, or a series of blog posts… these connect you with your audience the way an advertisement never will.

The public can learn more about you and your services this way as well. It will help people “trip over” you, finding solutions for problems they might not even have known they had.

Can you explain some of the Recognized Expert principles?

They say “Familiarity breeds contempt.” What this means in our context is, if anyone can get hold of you at any time, they won’t value you very highly. So as a Recognized Expert, we suggest you establish restricted access. Hire a receptionist to screen your calls, and perhaps limit the times and days when you speak with clients and prospects. This restricted access leads directly to exclusivity. Perhaps your staff deals with 90% of your prospects and clients, and only the remaining 10% have access to you. When you give a talk or presentation, you’re not on for the entire program, but are featured as a special guest. You’re able to charge big money for one-on-one consultations.

When people do research on you, they run across certifications you hold. These might be diplomas from colleges, or certification in higher training from trade groups. They might even be licenses to practice issued by the government. Once they meet with you, they should be able to look around and see the trappings of your profession. If you’re a doctor, you’re probably wearing a white coat and have appropriate medical equipment nearby. If you’re a lawyer, you have law books. If you’re a travel expert, you’ve got exotic souvenirs in your office. People can see that you’re an expert because you look like one.

Why did you write this book?

Recognized Expert Status was written as a response to the questions I got from prospects and friends. It’s a brief explanation of what we help our clients become, and why. Agile’ is a boutique agency; that is, we work with a few clients at a time, and provide each one with top flight services. So realistically, we can’t work with everyone who comes to us. This book is a way of providing them with quality tools so that they can begin the process of developing RecEx Status themselves. It’s meant to be both an introduction to the Status, and a springboard to developing it. It’s short enough to work through quickly, and we back it up with a companion web site – – that offers more in-depth education and training.

A New And Upcoming Direct Selling Company

The company known as Stella & Dot is a Multi-layer Marketing or Network Marketing company based in San Francisco, CA in the USA. It is one of the fastest growing Inc. 500 companies in the US and is mainly a social selling company. It works on a direct selling format where entrepreneurs get recruited via a group and then they get a chance to buy some exciting boutique jewelry. This company provides exciting opportunities for women to put their enterprising opportunities to work, sell some lovely products and make money in the process.

While the company was founded in San Francisco, CA and is headquartered there, it has branches across the world and continues to provide opportunities to women around the world. The firm deals basically in boutique jewelry and clothing accessories that are sold to other members of the group. Only members attending a home trunk event can purchase these products. The host will usually invite members of her group, friends, family or colleagues so they may purchase the accessories or jewelry items they like. This has proven to be a successful business model and has worked well in the USA, across Europe and elsewhere around the world. It is no wonder Stella & Dot has been ranked as among the most successful multi-layer marketing companies in the USA.

These multi-layer marketing companies have managed to set up and work on a successful marketing model. Basically, the company will recruit marketers who will in turn build teams. These teams will have marketers at different levels depending on how many marketing recruits a person has under them. There is no wholesale or retail trading across stores but marketers will try to sell to their friends, relatives, colleagues and even families. This has proven to be a successful model that is able to defy tough economic times.

For a couple of months now, there have been reports in the media and elsewhere regarding Stella & Dot Scam. Such reports are unfounded, untrue and without a basis. Normally, any successful business or business model will always face hostility with false stories and innuendos spreading around. This is basically what happened in regards to Stella & Dot. While some people claimed it was a scam and have tried to convince others of the same, the truth is that Stella & Dot is a genuine business which has been around for a long time and provides an income and job to many women entrepreneurs across the world.

As an example of how these events take place, a member gets to invite a group of women to her apartment one Saturday evening. They await a direct sales event that includes purchase of items such as necklaces, iPad cases and other forms of accessories. The host of the event received abut $500 worth of free jewelry and about $1500 in orders. There was a marketing specialist from the company who in return earned about 20 — 30 percent of the proceeds of the nightly meeting. This is just an example to show how successful the marketing model of Stella & Dot is. It is definitely not a Stella & Dot Scam.

Spanish Apartment Rentals – Try Ibiza Town For Great Weather, Beaches, Nightlife and More!

Holidaymakers often book Spanish apartment rentals in Ibiza because they want hot weather, great beaches and a taste of the famous nightlife. Sometimes visitors are surprised that Ibiza Town offers much more than this. Ibiza Town (also known locally as Eivissa) is a very attractive holiday destination with its fine restaurants, ancient fortifications, imposing cathedral and an excellent variety of shops. The holiday season when people book Ibiza holiday apartments or holiday villas in Ibiza town begins in late April and lasts until October with temperatures ranging from the twenties to the mid thirties Celsius.

For those visitors looking for sun and sand that are staying in holiday villa rentals or Ibiza holiday apartments you can find several wonderful beaches in the vicinity of Ibiza Town: Playa de Talamanca borders Talamanca Bay and is a pleasant sandy beach with clear waters. It can be reached in about 20 minutes on foot, as can playa de Figueretas. The lively resort of Playa d’en bossa has the longest stretch of beach on the island and is dotted with bars and cafes. It is a favorite with tourists who enjoy watersports. If you want to go a bit further afield from your Spanish apartment rentals, the beaches around Ses Salines are easily reached by bus and are thought to be some of the finest on the island. You can also take a ferry to the neighbouring island of Formentera where the beaches are second to none.

If you are staying in self-catering Ibiza holiday apartments or holiday villas in Ibiza Town you may be interested to know about the local food. As a result of the numerous nationalities who have lived in Ibiza in the past, you will find that many diverse dishes make up the gastronomy of the island. A couple of traditional dishes worth trying are Ibizan-style tuna, roast pork, fish soup and rustic stir-fries with meat, potatoes and vegetables. Ibiza also offers a good selection of drinks to go with your food. Locally produced beer, wine and spirits are available at very reasonable prices and Cocktails are available in most bars. There are also plenty of non-alcoholic drinks available which make use of the wide selection of fruit grown on the island. Ibiza Town boasts a significant selection of restaurants for visitors who are staying in self-catering Spanish apartment rentals in Ibiza.

While you are staying in your Spanish villa or Spanish apartment rentals in Ibiza you may well get to experience one of the many fiestas which take place throughout the year. There are fiestas for each town as well as for the patron saints days. The town fiestas can go on for a week and usually have lots of children’s entertainment, live shows, competitions and parades through the town with floats ending with spectacular firework displays. The Eivissa Medieval Festival is held on the second Sunday in May. This new festival includes concerts and dancing and celebrates the declaration of D’alt Villa as a World Heritage site in 1992.

Ibiza Town thanks to its numerous disco bars and clubs is well known for its busy nightlife and tourists often book their Spanish apartment rentals here to take advantage of this. The town offers visitors some of the island’s best night-time entertainment and certainly the finest selection of restaurants and cafes. It tends to appeal to more sophisticated visitors than the coastal resorts and there is also quite a significant gay scene in the town. The bars in the town tend to open in the early evening and stay open well after midnight. Many of the more well-known nightclubs do not open until after midnight and don’t close until 6 am or later. Nightclub entrance can be very expensive from about 20 to 50 Euros, sometimes more.

Many people who stay in Spanish apartment rentals or holiday villas in Ibiza town enjoy shopping and the retail outlets in Ibiza town are very good and varied. They range from street vendors and flea markets to world class designer boutiques. There are the famous ‘hippie markets’ on Wednesdays just a bus ride away and the flea market every Saturday. The stalls sell everything, but tend to specialize in local art and souvenirs. For upmarket shopping you need to go to the Sa Penya and Sa Marina districts in the dock area of Ibiza town.