Florence – Between Art of the Past and Modern Fashion

Florence is the city which gives and gave examples of art and beauty. The masterpieces now attracting millions of tourists are the witnesses of the ideas and the glories of the past, which were materialized in the works that are today unique beauties without time.

Florence is still master of beauty, just like during the Renaissance. This feature is exhibited not only in the art of the past but also in more modern forms of expressions, such as fashion. The most important and appreciated fashion brands established themselves in the Tuscan capital.

The one who was born and still lives in Florence inherits a sense of beauty that comes from the environment around him every day, the presence of places and monuments are characterized by a very high sense of aesthetics and attention: details and proportions represent a kind of ongoing training for the residents in this city. While living in Florence people unknowingly acquire the aesthetic sensibility which is not to be found in almost any other place in the world.

Today as in the past these places have inspired artists of all kinds, an inspiration which is also manifested in the fashion in which Florence has a very important tradition in the modern era.

Since the second half of 1900 the fashion houses of Florence have distinguished themselves nationally and internationally, to consacrate the Tuscan capital city as one of the most important Italian fashion city. Here the first fashion show was held February 12, 1951 by the Italian fashion pioneer Giovanni Battista Giorgini. Villa Torrigiani in Via dei Serragli was the location, the event was held in the presence of many international buyers, who on this occasion admired for the first time the style and elegance of the Made in Italy, which from the beginning poses as an alternative to the Parisian fashion just leading the way to the various current designers who currently continue to provide contributions to the fashion world.

Florence as all the major cities also has a specific area in which it focuses the world’s biggest names in fashion, together with other fashion boutiques Florentine. These activities are concentrated in the streets: Via Tornabuoni and Via della Vigna. These Florentine streets are in the city centre within walking distance from the most important monuments of the city.

Apart from the major fashion boutiques in Florence there are many shops which propose clothing and handmade accessories. According to the traditional tailoring and shoemaking methodology, these products are developed in order to have a own style, a customizable style according to the tastes and needs of the customer. They can be considered real pieces of the highest quality fashion art.

Buenos Aires Apartments

Buenos Aires has increased their popularity around the travel world. Many people discovered Buenos Aires City and recommend it for many reasons. There are people travelling to Buenos Aires for holidays, business and study planning. At the city are different cultures to enjoy and every excellent option for anybody.

You have many options of accommodations in Buenos Aires such as Hotels, Apart Hotels, Hostels, Hotels Boutique, Bed and Breakfasts and Furnished Apartments for temporary rentals. I recommend apartments in Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires Apartments are the best option because is cheaper than a hotel and you have the privacy to live like local people and feel at home in Buenos Aires. You can rent apartments by day, week or months. They come fully equipped and counts with amenities to enjoy your stay.The apartments are located at the best locations in town such as Recoleta, where you can visit museums, historical places and exttensive area comercial; Palermo, the coolest area in Buenos Aires, its divided by Palermo Old, Palermo Hollywood, Palermo and Palermo New. Everyone have different styles but maintain the mystic of the neighbourhood; Downtown, Belgrano, Colegiales, Las CaƱitas, Puerto Madero, San Telmo and more.

Also you can travel around Argentina. North and South are good options to visit. By north you can visit San Juan, Iguazu Falls and Mendoza. By South you can visit Calafate and Ushuia between other destinations to travel. There are beaches, mountains and fields to spend your days, just you have to choose.

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Tel Aviv Apartments And Israel Real Estate Bubble

You might have noticed that the prices of apartments in Tel Aviv are increasing but this is not a new trend. In fact it has always been this way. The speed of the increase is what fluctuates. Although the government introduced a policy geared toward slowing this down the costs continue to rise and is usually referred to as the Israel Real Estate Bubble. Tel Aviv apartments fall into this category. The governor of the Bank of Israel is quoted as having said that the prices are too high and that this bodes trouble in the future. In order to do something about it old taxes were raised and new taxes were introduced. Interestingly these efforts did not produce the desired results.

Many have speculated as to the reasons for this. Some feel that the apartments in Tel Aviv pose a great investment opportunity for both business and leisure concerns and that all individual tastes are satisfied. Of course some may feel that the excessive supply of both bacon and seafood is overwhelming. And while on the topic of food it is worthwhile noting that aside from India Israel is also a very vegetarian place thanks to the distinction between meat and milk.

Of course another good reason for the increase is that the center of the town is historically rich such as in the White City with its Bauhaus style. When Bauhaus became en-vogue at its inception it was at the same time that Tel Aviv really began to boom. There were European cities enjoying the Bauhaus feel but after WWII there was a rapid decline. Among Tel Aviv apartments White City offers Mediterranean flair thanks to its hot and humid climate. UNESCO recognized it as a world heritage site and considers it one of a kind. And now even public transport has received a boost with the inception of the streetcar. Although some areas have to put up with the mess and noise of this upgrade it is nevertheless a temporary setback and before long we will be seeing apartments in Tel Aviv advertised as being near to streetcar access. Locals are looking forward to a much cleaner and quieter area.

Although White City is going green other sections of the city are still lagging somewhat behind. One such part is Old Port with its fantastic restaurants, bars, and boutiques. Taking a short walk east will lead you to the quieter North Tel Aviv residential district and it’s unique and beautiful apartments. Old Yafo is another area that is getting ready with its high-end apartment buildings. They share space with the old that are being restored to the former beauty, as well as the modern. One doesn’t have to look hard to discover why this city has been so popular for so many years.

It is definitely a sound investment when one buys a Tel Aviv apartment especially when one considers that the city is still so popular among tourists. For owners this offers an excellent opportunity to make money as many tourists prefer renting self-catering holiday accommodation as opposed to staying in a hotel.

With so much on offer it’s not surprise that Tel Aviv apartments continue to rise and why developers are eagerly awaiting the investment opportunities appearing on the horizon. Despite the attempts made by government to slow things down it is unlikely that their objective is going to be achieved.