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Boutique Hotels For Sale

Boutique hotels are a now familiar term which originated in North America which specifically defines the hotel experience as one of intimacy in a sheer luxury environ! The accommodation, services and facilities are primarily personalized and it is this aspect of Boutique hotels which sets them apart from the allied chain of luxury hotels and motels.

There could scarcely be efficient execution of the process for those seeking Boutique hotels for sale without an enhanced awareness of the profile and salient of boutique hotels!

The Origin

Boutique hotels came into vogue as recently as the 1980s primarily in the mainstream cities like San Francisco, New York and London. The statistically oriented would well be enthused to learn that the first Boutique Hotel to come into existence was the Morgans hotel in Murray Hill of New York – this being the brain child of Ian Schrager.

The Boutique hotels have often been variously been connoted by differing names like – design hotels and lifestyle hotels. This best backgrounds the boutique hotels and would help the potential buyer identify the growth and concept of boutique hotels and hence optimally predict the target client base that these hotels could well aspire for!

The Salient

Boutique hotels could well be best defined as:

► Smaller than commercially mainstreamed hotels and could have room capacity of three to a hundred rooms

► In house telephony and internet facilities

► In house honesty bars

► Round the clock hotel staff for personalized service

This and more would make a highly personalized hotel which would focus primarily on delivering a style statement and facilities of highest degree with a highest degree of sensitivity.
Boutique hotels for sale are in plenty – regardless the concept of buying a boutique hotel would need a high degree of sensitivity from the buyer perspective for there is more to buying a boutique hotel as compared to the more familiar commercial hotel and the economics of profit maximization would be different considering that boutique hotels would have exclusive, select and repeat customers which be further enhanced by customer feedback rather than commercial advertising!

The Buy
It could scarcely be simple decision as to the location of choice for a boutique hotel – the preferred choice still being a mainstream city like New York or London! The limiting factor could well be the budget that the potential customer is prepared to utilize for the purchase and this limitation could well compromise on the location of the buy!
The trade off of choice then would invariably be procuring a boutique hotel which may not have the preferred location but would inarguably have the potential for enhancing personalized services to the highest degree with a more than courteous hotel staff – making discreet and quality service the most basic of attributes that the boutique hotel could possess – the riding force for the success of any boutique hotel!

Shopping in the West and South Coasts of Barbados

The Caribbean islands are known for pristine beaches, accommodating people and lively parties. Aside from these attractions, many tourists go to the island for splurging their cash in shopping. Barbados is known for its many shopping districts. So, if you are looking for a good vacation and looking for some duty free shopping goods call your travel agent, book for a Barbados travel hotel and get ret ready to shop till you drop.

After arriving in Grantley Airport, shoppers can already start their shopping spree in the airport’s duty free shopping center. Just remember that when you are buying your goods, present your passport and details of your temporary address in the country to qualify for the duty free price. You can almost find everything for everyone in the wide range of shops and boutiques in this Caribbean island. So, it’s better to have some spare cash and do not rely too much on credit cards.

Travelers can choose from shopping from both west coast and south coast of the island. Each coast offers a variety of merchandise at a very affordable price. So make sure you have a complete list of you the things you will buy, so that you do need to go back and forth from each coast while shopping.

Down South
The south coast has numerous shopping centers. In the parish of Christ Church, travelers will find clothes, shoes, electronics and children’s toys on the Sheraton Centre. In this mall, travelers can also sit back and enjoy a good movie at the Barbados Olympus Theatres. Opposite the Acra beach, on the South’s main road, shoppers can find Quayside Centre which offers merchandises like designer clothes. Surfers can also pick up a few surfing gears at accessories on the Lazy Days shop. You can also buy garments, beachwear, cosmetics, fragrances, jewelry and electronics at duty free prices on the smaller branch of Cave Shepherd located at south coast main road.

Go West
If you happen to be at the west coast of the island nation, don’t forget to drop by in Holetown, where you will find the Sunset Crest Shopping Centre. There, tourists can enjoy shopping for designer jewelries and clothes at duty free prices. For shoppers who have a fine taste, Pure Source inside the Shopping center offers a wide range of imported goods such as hair products and sunglasses. Most of the shop’s merchandise comes from Paris and can be bought at affordable prices. Travelers can also find designer clothing and other items on the exclusive boutiques on Chattel House Village. The shop also offers special discounts on special occasions.

There are other shops in the Caribbean country, especially in the capital, Bridgetown, where tourists can enjoy a great buying experience. Barbados travel hotel have a connection to many car rental service shops, so if you are planning to buy a lot of stuff, it’s better to rent, an SUV or Suzuki Jimmys that will carry your purchased items back to your hotel. Just keep in mind to watch your budget; you do not want to be broke for the rest of your vacation after spending way too much on your shopping spree.

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