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Sightseeing and Things to Do In Chennai

A city of contrasts and diversities, Chennai is the coastal city in South India that boasts of ancient monuments, beautiful temples and a popular beach that adds verve to the city’s attractions.

Dusty, crowded and polluted, Chennai is surely not the one that will attract many at the first glance. However, with a little persistence one can discover the city’s innumerable treasures characterised in delectable cuisine, remarkable shopping options and astounding historical monuments.

Located in the south east part of India, Chennai is one the largest Indian cities and also the capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu. Featuring a coastline of more than 25 kilometres, the city was groomed into a trade centre during the British rule over the nation. Consequently, the coastal city has developed into a metropolis that portrays a charming cultural mix with a blend of European traditions and architecture.

Chennai is a wonderful tourist attraction that is specifically cherished by the European visitors. Chennai tour packages are always in demand and along with major British airlines, several India-based carriers offer convenient London to Chennai flights.

Take a look at the various attractions of the city that entices international tourists to grab flights to Chennai.


Beaches are the top attractions in Chennai. The mesmeric beaches of the city welcome every kind of traveller with equal warmth. People can indulge themselves in fun and excitement within the pristine ambiance of Chennai beaches. Lots of sun bathing and peaceful boating define the life at the beaches of this golden city.

Chennai’s Marina Beach is the second largest beach in the world with a stretch of approximately 13 kilometres. The beach was revamped in 2009 with beautiful new galleries, charming landscaping and gorgeous fountains. Marina Beach currently features 14 galleries, an internal walkway along the sands and a high-tech lighting arrangement that enchants visitors at night. No wonder, there are so many leisure travellers who queuing up to grab those cheap flights to India.

Other exquisite beaches in Chennai include Elliot’s Beach, Covelong Beach, Muttukkadu, Rameswaram and Kurusadai Islands.


Chennai is the region with deep spirituality and spiritual faith that is reflected through the numerous temples present in this city. Temples in Chennai range from colossus monumental structures to small stone buildings, each possessing certain significance in the lives of people.

Parthasarathy Temple is one of the major tourist attractions in Chennai. Dedicated to the Lord Krishna, the temple is located in the heart of the city and provides serene refuge in the hustle and bustle of the city.

A beautiful temple, Kapaleeswarar Temple is more than 2000 years old and is dedicated to the Lord Shiva. The temple observes special prayers and organises festivals almost every day.

Other charismatic temples in the city include Kalikambal Temple, Mangadu Kamakshi Temple, Vadapalani Dandayudhapani Temple and Thiruverkadu Mariamman Temple.


Apart from holy places and beaches, wildlife is the biggest attraction of Chennai that entices travellers from various parts of the globe to its beautiful shores.

Guindy National Park is a fascinating attraction in the city that appeals to nature lovers. It is relatively a very small national park but it is among the very few that are located inside a city. Featuring tropical dry evergreen vegetation, the Guindy National Park is home to black bucks, spotted deer, jackals, snakes, more than 100 species of birds, and a number of different invertebrates.

The Arignar Anna Zoological Park is a must visit for animal lovers. Frequented by approximately 700,000 people each year, the park boasts of varied species of wild life. The zoological park is home to different varieties of birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals.


With a plethora of shopping opportunities, Chennai is truly a shopper’s delight. Known particularly for its silk, the city has sprung up a range of designer boutiques and hip malls off late. Contemporary and traditional artworks, antiques, paintings and jewellery items are also quite sought after in the region. These artifacts are usually pretty affordable and fittingly complement the cheap flights to India.

The Victoria Technical Institute, Central Cottage Industries Emporium, Naturally Auroville and SIPA’S Craftlink are few of options for tourists looking for cool traditional art work.

Where Should You Rent an Apartment in Ottawa?

Finding an Ottawa Apartment

Before you begin searching for an apartment in Ottawa, Ontario, ask yourself some of the following questions:

o Where am I working?
o What is my transportation situation?
o What do I enjoy doing in my spare time?
o What are my apartment living priorities?

Transportation in Ottawa:
If you look at a map, you’ll see that Ottawa is an East/West city, connected for the most part by the 417 and 174 highways. These highways jam up less than the highways in bigger cities like Toronto, but around rush hour there are a few bottlenecks if you’re heading into downtown Ottawa for work. If you do own a car, don’t forget to look into parking in your area!

For public transportation, the express buses like the 95 or 97 connect the city east to west. These are especially useful because they often have their own lanes or even their own roads, thus avoiding rush hour traffic. As well, the O-Train provides quick access to downtown from Ottawa South. If you do rely on public transportation, take a look at the website for bus routes around the apartments you’re thinking of renting.

Ottawa Apartment Living Around Town:
At District Realty, we’ve divided our available apartments for rent into four geographical sections: downtown, east, west, and south. Each of these parts of the city have their own unique attributes, advantages, and disadvantages.

If you’re in any downtown Ottawa apartments, you’re obviously right in the heart of the city. You’re close to all sorts of great attractions like Parliament and the National Art Gallery. But you’re also close to great eating and great shopping. And unlike most of Ottawa, you’ll find almost everything you need and more within walking distance, with no need to drive or take the bus.

If you live in East Ottawa apartments, you’ll be close to several shopping malls, including St. Laurent Shopping Centre and Place D’Orleans. And you’ll no doubt be nearby one of the many convenient mini-malls sprouting up around the city. West end apartments are near the Bayshore Shopping Centre. The west end of Ottawa also has several trendy neighbourhoods like Westboro, where you’ll find lots of small shops and boutiques. West Ottawa also has Scotiabank Place, which, along with every Senators home game, also puts on world-class concerts and other events.

Because Ottawa is primarily an east/west City, South Ottawa apartments are uniquely located. But transportation is no problem because of bus routes like the 97 and OC Transpo’s O-Train, which quickly connects Greenboro Station to Bayview station. The two main shopping centres in South Ottawa are the South Keys Shopping Centre and Billings Bridge Plaza. You’ll also find Carleton University in South Ottawa. With so much to see and do, choosing where to find an apartment in Ottawa can be a tough choice. However, just keep in mind what your needs are and what you really want in an apartment.

How to Make Fold Over Elastic Boutique Baby Headbands

Are you ready to learn how to start making your very own custom made boutique elastic baby headbands? Once you catch on and practice, you will become a pro and just keep going and going with an assortment of creations. Best yet, your little girl will be wearing your own handmade headband, which no other little girl will have.

First gather your favorite elastic material and the other materials below. All materials can be purchased at any Hobby or Craft store like Jo-Ann Fabrics or Hobby Lobby and Michael’s.

I use 12″ in elastic for a newborn, 15″ inches for 4-12 months and 17″ inches for 12 months to 3 years.

A needle and thread

hot glue or decent fabric glue

a small piece of ribbon to make your headband interchangeable. The length of the piece of ribbon will depend on the width of your fold over elastic.

A clip to add to the headband when finished.

OK, are you ready?? Join the two right sides of the elastic together and run a lighter across to create a seal for stitching. This prevents fraying. Begin sewing the ends of the elastic together with the shiny side on the inside. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The idea is to have an extra support so that the headband doesn’t come apart when stretched or pulled.

Run a bit of glue across the seam on the wrong side of the elastic and place your piece of ribbon on it. Bring your elastic across the right side but don’t glue just yet. You want to make a space to put your clip in. Again, the purchase for the ribbon. Now start to glue on top of the inner side again on top of ribbon.

And there you go! You now have an interchangeable baby headband which you can now place a clip or flower or even a small girls hair bow on inside the interchangeable part. This headband can now be used in so many different ways and different looks with different outfits.

Look for different prints of elastic. My favorites are polka dots and animal prints. So posh and trendy. There are different widths of the elastic, too that you may want to use for older girls. The smaller width works best for girls 3 years and younger.

Before you know it, you are going to be a pro.