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The Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino: A Place to Be

All five-star hotels in Las Vegas are offering world class amenities and services. But what The Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino set them apart is their suite room which is the biggest average suite in the world and it is considered the Las Vegas’ most stylish casino. The hotel is specially designed to capture the renaissance ambiance. So if you are looking for an unforgettable renaissance stay in Las Vegas, The Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino is always on top of the choices.

To give the hotel guests and tourists from all over the world of the true Italian ambiance, The Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino gives a authentic and truly uplifting feeling of canals surrounding over 20 restaurants with award winning chefs, international boutiques, and souvenir shops.

Please note that this is not just another world class spa, in fact the Canyon Ranch Spa Club offers you to have a restful and blissful moment with the spa. They also have fitness center, and rock climbing wall to complete your work out. If you are newlyweds or just any couple, Gondola rides is perfect for you for it will provide you rides along the district of mile canals. This is just one of the few things that contribute to the hotel in reminiscing about Italy.

Another best thing about The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas is that they put up a live theater which made them more popular internationally. They bring the shows from New York and London to Las Vegas to appreciate by the masses. Shows of different genre like rock, jazz and pop are being hosted in the live theater not to mention dances of different types in order for the hotel guests to be entertained. This is done so that people of all ages and of different language will be catered respectively.

The Guggenheim-Hermitage Museum was just recently opened. It added to the attraction of the hotel combining the well knows museums in New York and St. Petersburg. The museum displays a wide range of collector’s item in a Dutch inspired design structure. The museum also features the Madame Tussauds Wax Gallery which is home of the life sized wax replica of the world renowned American icons like Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.

There is only one goal that The Venetian has, that is making sure that guests would come back after their stay. The Venetian Hotel is among the most visited hotel in Las Vegas that offers comfort, luxury, entertainment and many more.

Differences Between Hotels and Vacation Rentals

Today, travelers numerous options when it comes to lodging. Not only are there copious amounts of hotels to choose from in every city, but there are also many different types of hotels and inns that cater to certain interests and preferences.

Chain hotels are the most popular and frequently seen types of lodging out there. Big names that travelers see in each city are considered chain hotels. These hotels pride themselves on keeping standard procedures and practices among each hotel around the world so that travelers are not surprised by changes. They rely on travelers creating loyal bonds with these hotel chains so that they will choose them out of the flood of other names.

Boutique hotels are a little different from chain hotels. Boutique hotels tend to have fewer rooms available, and are typically decorated in a quirky and unique manner. Many hotels in Midtown Manhattan are considered boutique hotels because they cannot be found in any other cities. Boutique hotels rely on keeping customers by creating surprises and unique aspects.

Bed and breakfasts are much different than hotels. These quaint lodges are typically run out of a person’s personal home. They offer single rooms in a house to guests, and serve breakfast to the guests in the morning before they leave. Typically, bed and breakfasts are run by elderly couples and are usually found in the outskirts of cities.

Vacation rentals are popular for travelers who plan to stay in a single area for a week or more. Vacation rentals are houses or apartments that owners rent out to travelers for vacation purposes. These types of lodges are perfect for families on vacation and offer a comfortable and relaxing feel for the duration of the stay.

Investing in Boutiques in 5 Steps

Boutiques can be stationary or they can be mobile, but they are all specialty retail stores that offer a variety of clothing, jewelry, accessories, and related services. They cater to customer interest in vintage and latest fashions, handbags, shoes, and a plethora of special interests. For the avid or even the sporadic shopper, it is great when they discover these little gems throughout their metropolitan area. On one hand, for these retail shoppers, it helps them invest in their own personal style as shipments come in week after week and month and month. Meanwhile, boutiques are also a great business opportunity for financial investors who know or are willing to learn the ins, outs, ups, and downs of this industry and the segment they intend to concentrate on and cater to with this venture.

These retail stores can be a stand-alone or chain store where there are many throughout their city, country and around the world. The stand alone store in any metropolitan area is typically located along the same street as other boutiques, in an isolated strip mall along a street with great pedestrian and vehicular traffic, or within a mall building structure apart from department stores, typically with specialized competing merchandise. These options are important to keep in mind when approaching purchasing a venue from a business perspective.

As the business owner of a retail store or multiple boutiques, one has to stay in the know on all aspects of creating, opening, running and growing one’s clientele for a successful business. There are many pieces of advice out there and the following will be just five things to consider. Before gathering investors, it is important to constantly stay informed about the industry you intend to enter with your business. The following is five ways to start one of your area boutiques.

1. It is important to know what you intend to sell. Your retail store should identify and represent its niche in the giant market of clothing or accessories but not necessarily so narrow as an entire store for belt buckles.

2. It is important to know who you are selling your product to by completing thorough market research. This includes demographics, shopping patterns, shopping traffic and even public financial records to follow the pattern of spending in your industry and area.

3. It is important to know the business you are entering. Researching the other businesses that are also selling high-end clothing/shoes, top designer clothing/shoes, children/baby clothing, shoes and accessories, or even their own designs to compare and see what you should be thinking about doing too. It is helpful to see similar businesses across the nation, worldwide but especially in your area.

4. It is important to know how all the above research can help you create a realistic financial plan of action for the establishment in the form of a business plan. From there it is highly advised that you let an accountant help you to fine tune the language and numbers before approaching investors for backing for the venue, inventory, employees and marketing.

5. Last but not least, know how to start and maintain healthy professional relationships. Those relationships include effective communication and cost effective transactions with investors, customers and suppliers throughout the life of the venture.