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3 Key Steps to Successful Apartment Marketing

It’s should be obvious to every Real Estate company reading this that the Australian contemporary apartment market is heavily geared towards the younger, hip, middle to upper-class set. And this is especially true when it comes to the inner capital cities that make up a huge chunk of this competitive market.

The educated, the urban executives, the creatives and the green enthusiasts (to mention a few) have always dominated the buyer description in the apartment market. Socially aware and net savvy they are influenced by style and location and are increasingly relying on the Internet for their research and information.  

Using the Internet is the obvious way reach these buyers however there are 3 key strategic steps that you must integrate to take full advantage of the internet’s influence. 

Step 1. Website design and functionality is ultra important. Your property website or landing page should closely match the look and feel of the apartments your selling. A website for a boutique project should mirror the same “feel” as the apartments themselves. Often large sums are invested in the architect and similar attention should be paid to your marketing. Carefully consider your positioning and commission designers/marketers with experience in this area.

Step 2. Viral videos and walkthroughs are now crucial. A photo can say a thousand words but a 3-minute video is priceless. Companies like Visual Domain (link) are making it easier and cheaper to do this. Make sure you plan video into your marketing and remember to post it onto YouTube with links back to your site and make the most of the viral power of the Internet.

Step 3. Most importantly, search engine optimization (SEO) and some aspect of social marketing should feature strongly in your strategy. The trend for this target market is to spend less time surfing the Internet on their own. Increasingly they are exploring the Internet through their friends’ suggestions or activities – a phenomena know as “friend-casting”. They are early adopters; they are frequently found on Facebook or LinkedIn and trust the recommendations of their networks, which in turn influences their buying habits.

The way they discover, share and consume media should influence the way you market to them. For new generations social media is not something new, it’s entirely natural and some experts go as far as to say social media could become the Internet’s next search engine. For this reason SEO and “key word” research is very important to work into any campaign.

Real estate developers looking at apartment marketing need to re-think their marketing efforts and consider a more e-centric strategy as online exposure and branding is imperative.

Seminyak, The Most Sought-After and Most Happening Spot

Seminyak. It’s renowned as a chic and fashionable area situated on the north of Legian and just 20 minutes driving from Bali’s international airport. As the most sought after area, Seminyak makes it base for long term residents and expatriates who live and base their business in Bali. Suffice to say that Seminyak is now the number one destination for the astute travelers, and it’s easy to see why. The area suits the today’s travelers seeking for the high quality of restaurants, clubs, shopping centers, boutiques, and nightlife. Apart from that, there are a lot of reasons why you should visit and stay in Seminyak now, if not sooner.

Accommodation is one thing in Seminyak. The area is hosting countless hotels, Bali private villas, beachfront resorts, and affordable bungalows. However, the presence of Bali villas in Seminyak is quite fascinating for the travelers expecting for more privacy, intimacy, and personalized services. These Bali luxury villas offer all the fineness that is sometimes cannot be translated into the words. The properties possess different concepts, architectures, styles, ambiances, views, designs, and level of luxury. It’s easy to find the stylish Bali villa rental in Seminyak. Be it idyllic or modern, fancy or traditional, Seminyak Bali villas are definitely the places to go.

Seminyak Beach is within short stroll from the Bali private villas in Seminyak neighborhood. It’s an impeccable place to enjoy the recreational water activities, from sunbathing, surfing, or Bungee jumping. Even the surfers will not find Seminyak Beach perfect for surfing but still the novice surfers may do their first steps in riding the surf board on this beach. The guests staying at Bali luxury villas in Seminyak would pretty much like to enjoy the pampering massages on the beach, basking under the tropical sunshine, or just chilling out in some of fabulous beachfront cafes and restaurants on Seminyak Beach. Watching sunset, when the sun slides into the horizon is also worth doing on this well-groomed beach.

Deciding where to eat out and knowing the right place to pamper your appetite are not frustrating when you are staying at Seminyak villas Bali. Visit Fabio’s restaurant to savor the best Italian foods in the midpoint of Seminyak, Hu’U for the wide array of international dishes, Khaima for Moroccan foods, Paul’s Place for relishing Asian cuisines in an atmosphere pf quietude, La Sal for tasting the best Spanish and authentic Iberian cuisines, and last but not least, don’t miss visiting Ku De Ta, the most sought after beachfront restaurant serving modern international foods while enjoying the view of Indian ocean.

Aside from the above highlights that Seminyak has to offer, the area is also a shopper’s paradise. Along Seminyak’s main road, you can look through various shops, from the “made-to-order” antiques, exclusive branded shops, jewelry houses, boutiques, classy homeware shops, or even the warehouses displaying an orderly choice of high quality Bali furniture. Laksmana Street in Seminyak is renowned as place for shopping where an abundance of clothing companies are showcasing their chic ethnic designs performed in richly garnished fabrics. When you stay at your favorite Bali villa in Seminyak, taking a leisurely walk for window shopping around Seminyak Center is simply marvelous.

Shopping in Mumbai and Luxurious Mumbai Hotels

Mumbai is a shopper’s den with a host of trendy boutiques and shopping malls to unwind. However, there are also some good markets in Mumbai, selling everything from shoes to souvenirs apart from the Mall mania. Some of the best places for shopping in Mumbai can be found at the following Mumbai markets.

Shopping in Mumbai

1. Colaba Causeway- Located in Colaba, South Mumbai, the Colaba Causeway market offers a shopping experience like no other in Mumbai. This market is famous for fulfilling every need of its tourists from shopping for items like handicrafts, books, jewelry, crystals, brass items, etc.

2. Chor Bazaar- Nestled in the heart of Muslim Mumbai, this fascinating market has a history spanning over 150 years. One can shop for Antiques, bronze items, vintage items, trash & treasure from this Mumbai market. The special Juma Market is held here on Fridays.

3. Linking Road- This is one of the most happening markets of Mumbai. It reflects a perfect fusion of modern and traditional, where East meets West. There are street stalls contrasting with brand name shops, and an Indian roadside food vendor on one side of the road and a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet on the other. Some of the best buys here can be that of Indian traditional clothes, children’s clothes, shoes, bags and belts.

4. Crawford Market- This market is for the locals here. It is an old-style market, housed in a historic colonial building, specializing in wholesale fruit and vegetables. An entire section of this market is devoted to pets of all shapes, sizes, and breeds.

5. Fashion Street- This Mumbai market is for the teenagers and college students. It is a street lined with fashion having around 150 stalls there. One can grab the latest western clothes and fake brand names at extremely cheap prices. Some of the best pick from here can be of clothes, shoes and belts.

Mumbai hotels

There are many luxury hotels in Mumbai. Hotel Airlines International, Mumbai is one of the most availed luxury hotels in Mumbai. It is located in Santa Cruz (E), at a distance of just 5 minutes drive from the Domestic Airport and 10 minutes from the International Airport. This is a perfect stopover hotel for corporate executives, offering regal ambiance, modern amenities and hospitable staff to make you feel at home. The popular Juhu beach is just minutes away from the hotel premises. The hotel perfectly meets international standards to facilitate convenience, comfort and hospitality which forces one to come back over and over again. Moreover, to top it all, the hotel provides special offer on online booking like special internet rate, complimentary breakfast and complimentary Airport pickup & drop, all included in room tariffs of Rs. 2,880 per night. Guests who have stayed here say, ‘It is a very good Mumbai hotel.’