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Tel Aviv Apartments And Israel Real Estate Bubble

You might have noticed that the prices of apartments in Tel Aviv are increasing but this is not a new trend. In fact it has always been this way. The speed of the increase is what fluctuates. Although the government introduced a policy geared toward slowing this down the costs continue to rise and is usually referred to as the Israel Real Estate Bubble. Tel Aviv apartments fall into this category. The governor of the Bank of Israel is quoted as having said that the prices are too high and that this bodes trouble in the future. In order to do something about it old taxes were raised and new taxes were introduced. Interestingly these efforts did not produce the desired results.

Many have speculated as to the reasons for this. Some feel that the apartments in Tel Aviv pose a great investment opportunity for both business and leisure concerns and that all individual tastes are satisfied. Of course some may feel that the excessive supply of both bacon and seafood is overwhelming. And while on the topic of food it is worthwhile noting that aside from India Israel is also a very vegetarian place thanks to the distinction between meat and milk.

Of course another good reason for the increase is that the center of the town is historically rich such as in the White City with its Bauhaus style. When Bauhaus became en-vogue at its inception it was at the same time that Tel Aviv really began to boom. There were European cities enjoying the Bauhaus feel but after WWII there was a rapid decline. Among Tel Aviv apartments White City offers Mediterranean flair thanks to its hot and humid climate. UNESCO recognized it as a world heritage site and considers it one of a kind. And now even public transport has received a boost with the inception of the streetcar. Although some areas have to put up with the mess and noise of this upgrade it is nevertheless a temporary setback and before long we will be seeing apartments in Tel Aviv advertised as being near to streetcar access. Locals are looking forward to a much cleaner and quieter area.

Although White City is going green other sections of the city are still lagging somewhat behind. One such part is Old Port with its fantastic restaurants, bars, and boutiques. Taking a short walk east will lead you to the quieter North Tel Aviv residential district and it’s unique and beautiful apartments. Old Yafo is another area that is getting ready with its high-end apartment buildings. They share space with the old that are being restored to the former beauty, as well as the modern. One doesn’t have to look hard to discover why this city has been so popular for so many years.

It is definitely a sound investment when one buys a Tel Aviv apartment especially when one considers that the city is still so popular among tourists. For owners this offers an excellent opportunity to make money as many tourists prefer renting self-catering holiday accommodation as opposed to staying in a hotel.

With so much on offer it’s not surprise that Tel Aviv apartments continue to rise and why developers are eagerly awaiting the investment opportunities appearing on the horizon. Despite the attempts made by government to slow things down it is unlikely that their objective is going to be achieved.

Villa Vilamoura Apartments

The wonderful harbour resort of Vilamoura, is accepted as one of the biggest holiday/tourist centres in Europe by the year 2010 and boasts an explosion of rental apartments in Vilamoura’s inner area surrounding the harbour! On the perimeter of the resort there’s lovely Vilamoura villa developments set in colourful landscapes and around golf courses as well. The jewel in this resorts crown, being her magnificent marina, caters for all marine activity lovers and also boasts one of Europe’s largest tourist beach resorts, and yet:

Its worth remembering that this holiday maker’s retreat, this yachtsman’s, golfers, fishermans, scuba divers second heaven, was built from the sand up, from only as far back as 1947 by a wealthy Lisbon banker, beginning life as the mother to a Roman fishing village, where she would yield up her rich harvest to feed her children and has progressed over time to becoming the magnificent Marina resort with harbour front hotels, boutiques and restaurants that it is today. For vacation seekers, this is truly an area strong for Algarve apartments and Villas Algarve!

So, as we visit Vilamoura, to take that ‘Lifetime Holiday’, the true ambiance of a warm balmy and relaxing Portuguese evening, as we savour the glass of wine in our hand, is to be watching a lonely fisherman sailing out for his evening catch.

Then closing your eyes and imagining you are in somewhere in the time from the 3rd Century AD, with the fisherman in your mind’s eye.

Knowing that in terms of finding such tranquility, and peace, nothing changes.

Ballantyne Real Estate and Homes For Sale – Plus South Charlotte Schools

The latest, greatest in prestigious home addresses for the Charlotte housing market would have to be in Ballantyne. Ballantyne was developed on a stretch of beautiful land (previously the Morrison Hunting Preserve) under the keen eye of Smokey Bissel, who named the development after his Aunt, Barbara Ballantyne. Although in Charlotte, the Ballantyne area operates like a town unto itself. The Ballantyne development is located deep in South Charlotte; right on the edge of both the Union County and South Carolina borders. Near the intersection of Johnston Road and I-485, with Ballantyne Commons running through its middle.

The upscale nature of this area has had home buyers flocking to it since its inception-back in the 1990′s. Choices in housing abound, ranging from The Ballantyne Country Club and all of its custom homes, sprinkled into the mix are several beautiful single family neighborhoods, swim/tennis neighborhoods, town homes and condos are nestled in along with a few apartment complexes.The development includes a 4 star resort (Ballantyne) multiple Marriott hotels, and an 18 hole daily-fee golf course. The Ballantyne Development also has a mix of businesses; financial, insurance, builders (you name it) within the confines of a 535 acre corporate park.

What makes it so popular amongst its residents, is the sheer amount of restaurants (chain, ethnic, upscale and sandwich), grocery (normal,organic and niche) and retail (national, local and boutique ) shopping that is available at your fingertips. Anchored in the heart of the development is The Ballantyne Village. This is a pedestrian friendly center with indoor and outdoor dining; live music outside usually on weekends and Wednesdays; a grand water fountain with cobblestone walks and nearby home-made chocolate shoppe along with a great cigar store (complete with smoking room), amongst an  assortment of others shops. If you need more than boutiques, you’ll find Carolina Place Mall (Charlotte’s largest) just three miles down the road, with furniture row to its side. You should be able to find anything you need within a five mile radius of Ballantyne, including multiple theatres. It’s that convenient.

For those of you with children, this area is known for Ballantyne’s schools (a bevy of Charlotte’s top scoring schools). The area is home to: Ardrey Kell High School; Community House Middle School;  Ballantyne, Endhaven, Elon Park and Community House Elementary Schools. It is also home to our busiest library, South Charlotte’s Regional Branch, and two YMCA’s! The Ballantyne YMCA is for adults only (you can package this up with the family YMCA membership). The family Y (Morrison YMCA) is just around the corner. It has a water park, in-line hockey field, soccer fields, play ground area, and lots of work out classes and fitness rooms; if that’s not your cup of tea, just do your own thing in the fitness center. Nothing shabby here!

Charlotte real estate prices in the Ballantyne area varies. Here are some very general guidelines as of July 2009:

If you were thinking about buying a condo or a townhome; the price could range anywhere from the very low $130,000 mark, up through $400,000. The median would range more closely to $175,000-$250,000.

  • For single family homes, your price range would run anywhere from the low of $175,000 to the high of $3,000,000. Your median price range would roughly be between $250,000 and $500,000.
  • For Ballantyne Country Club, the prices would start off at around $500,000 and go up to just around the $3,000,000 mark. The median price is around $700,000.