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Gothic and Modern Barcelona

When you decide to visit Spain, Barcelona should be on the top of the list of the cities worth visiting. It’s the most unusual and the least Spanish city in the whole country.

Barcelona is one of the largest cities in Spain and one of the main tourist destinations. It’s also the capital of Catalonia, a province with its own language and big ambitions.

Millions of visitors Barcelona receives every year, are attracted by the original architecture and live attitude.

The conditions for tourist in the whole travel infrastructure are perfect. Barcelona has more than 300 hotels, like Madrid, but the capital of the Spain is twice as big as Barcelona.

When you think of Barcelona architectural attractions Antonio Gaudi buildings are the first things that come to mind. The best known is his unfinished structure – Sagrada Familia (the Holy Family) cathedral. This masterpiece of the architectural thought has became the symbol of the city. Its image adorns the postcards, photos and travel guides devoted to Barcelona.

Barcelona has small Gaudi museum – in Apartment and office block – La Pedrera, – also of his work. His style is unmistakable and is noted for clear, bright colors and the untraditional lines.

Old city with almost two thousand years history, Barcelona survived its rises and falls. After Roman and later Arabian invasions, in Middle Ages Barcelona became one of the most significant cities of the Mediterranean. If you like to sink into the medieval atmosthere, you can visit the houses of the nobility, which still adorn the centre of Barcelona.

Don’t forget shopping when you come to Barcelona. Its most famous shopping street La Rambla (also called Las Ramblas) has the numerous amount of the prestigious boutiques and the small shops with the works of the local craftsmen.

Barcelona has gained its glory not only by its architecture, but by the people born in the city too. Pablo Picasso, Juan Miro, Jose Carreras, Montserrat Caballe and the above-mentioned Antonio Gaudi – are the greatest Barcelona citizens.

One of the unique attractions in Barcelona is Barcelona Aquarium. It’s the biggest aquarium in Europe with more than 300 species of the sea fauna. 80-meters tunnel goes under the huge oceanarium with sharks and the rare fishes.

Barcelona is also one of the Spanish sport centers. Its stadium “Nou Camp” (or “Camp Nou”) is considered to be one of the best stadiums in the country, and Barcelona clubs (football and basketball) are always among the leaders of the Spanish championships.

Barcelona warm climate makes the city a very popular destination for summer trips and beach holidays. The most of the beaches are situated around the Olympic Village, built in 1992 for the Olympic games. The only problem is that they are often overcrowded.

Nusa Dua Hotels and Accommodation

Nusa Dua is a Bali resort targeting the richer more affluent tourists and therefore the types of hotels in this exclusive area are more up market and costly so you won’t find much in the budget type of place to stay. Even though the prices are much higher you can expect the same value for money that is common all around Bali and compared to other resorts around the planet, Bali is outstanding when it comes to services and quality for your money.

When searching for some Bali accommodation in Nusa Dua you’ll be beginning off in the mid range of rates and then going up to the 5 star accommodations that’s expected from an elite holiday maker resort. The mid range of accommodation will give you everything that’s needed to be snug and some extras. All rooms would be air conditioned, have twenty-four hour room service and in house amenities like cafes, bars and some shops that will sell basic must haves and tourist mementos.

At the most southern tip of Bali where it tapers off into a peninsula, this is where you will find Nusa Dua. The white wonderful beaches stretch all along the coast and getting there’s a straightforward fifteen minutes drive from Bali International Airport. Nusa Dua competes with some other areas in Bali for being the most prestigious holiday resort in Bali. The delightful international hotels make it a favored destination for the more upper class tourist. This area has been very well developed and provides you with modern roads, and gorgeous gardens that are very well maintained. There is no highway through Nusa Dua and as a consequence it is a very quiet place to go to without the stupendously crowded beaches that you will find in the more budget oriented resorts and spots.

Activities include many water sports that you can decide to partake in, most of these are arranged by the hotel you are living in and keep the volume of tourists down by making them a personalized service and not open to anyone apart from the hotel guests. The diving in Nusa Dua is incredible as the lagoon is protected and there are no big waves. The water is a lot warmer here and so the sea life is abounding and definitely worth taking a look at. Diving lessons are available, or you can just do some snorkeling and get the same overwhelming experience if you’re a bit wary about scuba diving. You can ask at the hotel you are staying in about the Bali tours available that will give you a private service.

If the tide is low there are 2 tiny islands that you can walk to or hire a boat. These aren’t populated and you may be lucky enough to have an island all to yourself for a day. Just watch out if you’re walking there that you don’t get marooned by the incoming tide, the hotel will be in a position to advise you on the tides.

For the more leisure conscious tourist, there are masses of shopping areas to browse through; Nusa Dua is known for its exquisite boutiques and shopping facilities. Bali shopping areas are definitely worth visiting as you can find some incredible bargains. The nightlife here is also much different from the more common resorts and has a tendency to have more class and sophistication with superb eateries, bars and clubs.

Being this is one of the most popular and up market resorts in Bali, it is imperative that you book your hotel or villa in advance. Going to Bali with the objective of staying here and finding that the hotels are totally booked will be terribly upsetting to say the least. Nusa Dua hotels generally all offer air conditioning, but just ask to make certain, there’s not much worse than the humidity at night if you’re not accustomed to it.

If taking a short break to explore the island it is advisable to bear a few things in mind. The more rustic areas aren’t as accommodating when it comes to toilets, you will stumble upon some real horrors. Always carry toilet tissue with you as few rural toilets will supply any or hand soap, so take some of that with you too.

There are thousands of temples that are dotted all over the island and a trip to Bali without visiting 1 wouldn’t be a complete trip to Bali. You would be missing out on a view into the culture and architectural designs of a wonderful nation. Firstly you’ll be needed to wear a sarong when entering the temples and though they do offer them for rent at every temple; it is far easier to take your own therefore avoiding having to queue up especially if there is a huge tour group.

Important Things to Remember While Renting Upper West Side Apartments

Upper West Side in New York is one of the choicest areas in NYC. It is flanked by the Hudson and Central Park on both sides. It is home to many things that are typical in NYC – like cafes, museums, bagel shops and so on. The best thing about Upper West Side is that in spite of being right in the center of a pulsating city, it is still largely residential in nature. This Side apartments offer a variety of great places to stay in if you want to live within a short walk of the river and the park. Besides, Upper West Side has always had a reputation for housing most of New York’s cultural and artistic talent as opposed to other regions where the business types live.

Upper West Side apartments that lie along the Central Park are considered to be the pick of the town. Numerous celebrities like John Lennon have their apartments here. Additionally, Riverside Drive, Broadway, Amsterdam Avenue and Columbus Avenue are also quite popular and eye catching.

So, whether you are looking to rent Upper West Side apartments for a short term stint or for a long stay, there is much on offer. One of the best things about UWS rentals is the fact that rentals here are getting cheaper. A report by the Real Estate Group of New York showed that rentals in Upper West Side are actually falling when compared with prices recorded in September, 2008. Rentals for two bedroom apartments in particular fell almost by5-10%. Some landlords are also offering incentives to attract customers so that apartments get filled and do not remain vacant. However, there were some categories like studios and one-bedroom apartments, where prices remained steady or rose slightly higher than before. This gives some indication of the kinds of apartments that are in demand.

Another attractive feature of upper West Side apartments is the flexibility it offers. The area is diverse enough to accommodate different categories of people. So, whether you are just new to the job market or earn an impressive salary, you can find something suitable in UWS. It is possible to find luxurious apartments at $6,000 or more. Some of the rentals here look like boutiques, with mahogany floors, countless chandeliers, pedestal sinks and the like.

If you are looking for prime Upper West Side apartments, your best bet is to make use of the services of a reputed real estate agent who acquires apartments and places the same on rent after redeveloping the same. With such an agent, it is possible for you to express your specifications and get a suite/apartment that is a perfect fit for your unique needs.