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Discover the Best Boutique Hotels

If you are looking for a place to relax, be entertained and sample some sumptuous meals, booking yourself into a nice boutique hotel could be a direct ticket to of all these luxuries. There are a number of such hotels that not only offer luxury facilities, but also provide full service accommodations. The best thing about these hotels is that the services offered to the client are customized to ensure full customer satisfaction. An important factor to note is the distinction between actual boutique hotels and all other hotels that claim to provide similar services. These hotels aim to provide settings that are more comfortable and intimate as opposed to those offered by ordinary hotels.

It is important to know what services a good hotel offers so that you can easily spot one when you see it. If you are looking for comfort, then you are in for a treat, you need to keep certain aspects in mind. These aspects range from tariffs, the type of accommodation available to the specific facilities available like the restaurant and bar, provisions for special events like private parties or weddings as well as the presence of unique additions like spas and hot swimming pools.

A great hotel boasts of picturesque architecture that may be just simple but breathtaking. Several of these boutique hotels are known to have been built a long time ago. Their antique architectural designs exude the richness of past cultures. These hotels typically have beautifully constructed terraces, tropical gardens, cooling fountains and pools to make your experience almost magical. Such are some of the unique qualities that set apart an awesome hotel and inspire you to go out of your way and give yourself a well deserved treat in one of the hotels.

Leisure is necessary and luxury is definitely a prerequisite for comfort. However the thought of leisure, luxury and comfort appeals only if it can be acquired at affordable rates. Straining of your pockets could definitely taint the happiness associated with checking into a luxurious hotel. Hence, it is important to have adequate information regarding different rates offered by hotels for the purpose of comparison before you check into one. It is always preferable for rates to fall within the affordable range. However, compromising on quality is big no-no.

Another important aspect that helps you discover the best hotels in your area zone is the location of the hotel. Location is important as it portrays whether you will get what you are looking for in terms of leisure, accommodation and relaxation. Boutique hotels can be located in city locations or in resort locations. Convenience is vital since some people may prefer to be close to the city so as to run their affairs with ease. Some people on the other hand want a unique out-of town experience and would be happier at a resort destination.

Book Marlborough Apartments in the Seaside Town of Picton

New Zealand is a high profile holiday destination. Travellers come from all over the world to experience the culture and landscape, and for the locals every region offers somewhere new and interesting to explore. Marlborough is one of the nicest destinations in the country, and is a popular holiday destination for both New Zealanders and international travellers.

With wine exported all over the world, the picturesque Marlborough Sounds and unique wildlife, it’s obvious why the region is one of the most popular tourist spots. If you want the very best of the New Zealand, Marlborough is the place to go.

The area has a lot on offer; choosing somewhere to base yourself isn’t easy! Picton serves as the gateway between the North and South Islands on the edge of Cook Strait and is the perfect place for travellers to stay when they are visiting Marlborough. The seaside town has everything you could want during your stay and is home to great restaurants and cafes such as Waterfront Cafe & Le Cafe and boutique shops like Creek Pottery and Pukekos Gifts and Homeware..

There is a range of different accommodation options in the town to suit every budget. Self-contained apartments in Picton line the waterfront and give visitors an independent and immersive vacation in the town. If you are travelling with a group of friends an apartment lets you enjoy your own space and is a place you can call home for a long weekend. Cook for yourself, do laundry and relax with a view of the water – these units have everything you need during your stay.

If you take the ferry across from Wellington, pick up a car rental from near the Interislander terminal to make travelling around the region easier. With restaurants and shops Picton is perfect for the day-to-day activities, but Marlborough has a lot more on offer.

Nature walks take travellers on tour through some of the regions forest and bush to see birds and native wildlife. Around the Sounds, eco-tours take you out on the water in search of the Bottlenose Dolphins that inhabit the area. If you love the outdoors, there are plenty of reasons to love Marlborough.

If you have a rental car booked you might like to trip down to Blenheim for a wine tasting tour. Just half an hour south of the seaside town, Blenheim, and the region that surrounds it, produces award winning wines from wineries like Mud House and Hunters which are exported around the world. The local vineyards have frequent wine tasting sessions that visitors can attend.

Relax during the day in the local cafes and enjoy the local cuisine at night along the waterfront; the beautiful seaside town of Picton gives visitors access to everything that Marlborough has to offer.

The Best in Boutique Antigua Hotels

Many travellers want something else when they book their hotels. This may not simply be luxury as found in a five star hotel, but an extra touch, an individuality that has the hotel stand out from all the simply ‘good’ hotels around. There are several such Antigua hotels, which will delight even the most seasoned of travellers with their little quirks and unique way of serving guests. Many of these also offer top quality service and comfort to their guests. Here’s your guide to three of the most interesting hotels to be found on Antigua.

• El Palacio de Dona Beatriz: This hotel offers service as unique as its name. The Palacio has only 8 suites in total, offering privacy and an absolute attention to detail that you simply would not find elsewhere on Antigua. Each room is custom designed, and all have excellent views, including wonderful views of the volcano. The hotel is designed with luxury in mind, but does not charge prices to break the bank. Each guest is treated individually and the staff are more than welcome to help you have the best holiday you can. Definitely a step apart from other Antigua hotels.

• Hotel Posada de Don Rodrigo: Another less commercially named hotel, staying here offers a taste of the rich history of Antigua all around you. The hotel itself is nearly three hundred years old, and merely staying in its beautiful surrounding is enough to take you back in time, relaxing you and attuning you to a time when life moved more slowly and gently. Like the Palacio, each room is individual and unique, and the staff are attentive to the needs of their guests – the hotel offers day tours with many exciting activities. Nor does staying in an old hotel mean doing without modern comforts – rooms are fully equipped.

• Un Paseo por la Antigua: This tiny hotel (a mere five rooms!) is one of the most stylish and elegant of all Antigua hotels. It is designed with a cosmopolitan feel in mind, and draws on influences from the Caribbean and all around the world. It is located in the town of Antigua, and has a very different feel to a beach resort. An extremely intimate hotel, guests are invited to eat in a dining room with other guests, sat around an enormous old wooden table. Staying at this ‘Hotel de Charme’ is a fantastic experience that should not be overlooked when planning your trip to Antigua.