Boutique NYC Hotels

Boutique NYC hotels are specialized hotels that are smaller than the regular ones. They usually have a very limited number of rooms, going to a maximum of 100. They provide highly personalized services to the guests, making them feel pampered and at home. The term boutique is given to such hotels because they are based on a certain theme, and their services are highly personalized.

While one would think that all boutique NYC hotels are extremely expensive, the fact is that there is a range of such hotels, each providing specialized services yet differing in ranking based on various factors. For instance, some of the mansions or guesthouses converted into hotels are rather inexpensive compared to the newly constructed ones.

Apart from all facilities common to other hotels in the hospitality industry, they also have a coffee shop, range of restaurants, and lounge and bar facilities for local residents.

There are many people who call the boutique NYC hotels plush studio flats, as the hotel rooms are so comfortable and complete with personalized in-room facilities.

Generally, a room at one of these hotels would cost on an average of $220 for a single day. But this varies upon the ranking of the hotel, as well as the facilities. However, during the off-season the hotels lower their rates to attract guests.

Undoubtedly, boutique NYC hotels have been attracting a large number of curious guests. And as most would say, it’s just like home, with the difference being that you are completely pampered.