West Village Apartments: What Sets Them Apart?

The western portion of Greenwich Village in New York City is known as West Village. The area stretches from Houston Street up to 14th Street and from 6th Avenue to Hudson River. West Village apartments are one of the most popular housing options in the city.

The estimated population of Greenwich Village Soho in 2000 was 83, 709. For years, the western part of Greenwich Village did not have a separate identity of its own. However, the modifier ‘West’ was added after the emergence of East Village. West Village has a semi-European feel and houses a trendy and relaxed neighborhood.

West Village Apartments: Gateway to a Bohemian Lifestyle

In general, West Village apartments can be broadly divided into hosted and unhosted apartments. A hosted rental apartment is one where the owner rents only a part of his property. He continues to stay in the other part of the rental. Hosted apartments are 25%-50% less expensive than their unhosted counterparts. These rentals are especially suitable for those on a tight budget and those who are willing to compromise on privacy.

The genteel residents of West Village apartments benefit from the artistic culture of the place. During the day, the streets are abuzz with art galleries, craft shops, book stores, theaters, eateries, coffee houses, upscale restaurants, thrift shops and exquisite boutiques. Further, the Hudson River Park offers a beautiful esplanade for people to run, play, relax or cycle.

The night life in the area includes trendy hangouts for adults of all age groups. The residents can choose from several bars, fabulous nightclubs, jazz clubs, cafes and comedy houses.

The area is marked by several low-rise buildings, walkups and townhouses. Many of them feature roof decks, patios and gardens. However, the properties located in this part of the city are relatively expensive. The actual price depends on the location and condition of the property.

Additionally, West Village offers great subway transportation. The subway stops at 4th and 7th Avenue, which are well connected to Manhattan. Further, the Holland tunnel and the PATH train services make travel to New Jersey very convenient. Also, the easily available cab and bus services enable you to commute more easily.

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